About Us

Welcome to Nova Cafe, a haven for coffee lovers founded by Carlos Felipe Pelaez (Felipe) and Adena Manna, a couple of coffee aficionados with a profound connection to the rich coffee culture who see NOVA as a dream come true!!!

Felipe´s deep-rooted connection to coffee traces back to his upbringing in Medellin, Colombia. In Felipe’s family, coffee was more than just a beverage—it was a way of life. His father’s side of the family cultivated coffee, while his maternal grandfather skillfully roasted and distributed it. Immersed in this rich coffee culture from a young age, Felipe not only developed a refined palate for the flavors of this caffeinated elixir but also discovered the profound joy and art of connecting with customers. “It’s in my blood,” he proudly states.

Today, coffee continues to play a vital role in Felipe’s life as he proudly serves as the owner of the renowned Tazza Cafe in downtown Ridgefield. Felipe’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality is evident in every cup of coffee served at Nova Cafe. Working closely with a local roaster, he sources beans from Colombia and other renowned coffee-growing regions, ensuring an exquisite and authentic experience for every customer. Equally enthusiastic about the culinary delights offered, Nova Cafe features a delectable menu comprising popular salads, wraps, bagels, and more.

However, what truly sets Nova Cafe apart is Felipe and Adena´s genuine passion for service and their unwavering dedication to making customers’ lives a little better. With a deep-rooted belief that true satisfaction comes from bringing happiness to others, Felipe and Adena exemplifies this philosophy through every interaction. The genuine care and commitment to service are not just empty words; they are principles that drive them daily. Whether it’s holding the door for a mom and her child or engaging in heartfelt conversations with regulars, Felipe and Adena´s dedication to exceptional service permeates every aspect of Nova Cafe.

At Nova Cafe, we strive to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated, we invite you to embark on a journey of exceptional coffee, delightful cuisine, and heartfelt connections. Experience the passion, heritage, and commitment that Felipe and Adenna bring to every cup and every interaction. We look forward to serving you and making your visit to Nova Cafe an extraordinary one.

¿Why Nova?

NOVA, the chosen name for our new coffee shop, embodies our vision to inspire sophistication and elevate the coffee experience. Just like a nova, which is a sudden, powerful burst of light that shines brightly in the vastness of the universe, our coffee shop aims to be a radiant beacon of refinement and excellence in the world of coffee. The name NOVA evokes a sense of new beginnings, innovation, and exploration, reflecting our commitment to offering unique and extraordinary coffee creations that push boundaries and ignite the senses. We believe that NOVA represents our desire to create a coffee destination where customers can embark on a journey of taste, quality, and refinement, discovering a world of flavors and experiences that are truly out of this world.

Application Filed for New Cafe at 200 Danbury Rd.’s Historic Raymond-Morehouse Bldg.


Nova Cafe, the brainchild of Felipe Pelaez, is a culmination of passion, dedication, and a long-standing family connection to coffee. Pelaez, who also owns Tazza in Ridgefield, officially opened the restaurant’s doors at the 180-year-old property on July 29.